Our Customized Door Replacement Process

Not All Doorways Are Created Equal - That's why, here at CUSTOM FIT SOLUTIONS, we have created the customized process for all types of different doors and their applications. We strive to provide our clients with the most innovative and personalized doorway solutions to fit their unique lifestyle needs. 


No Mess, No Fuss Our Easy Door Replacement Process


          We have partnered with HomeStory; the nationwide door production & distribution company located in Northern California to offer our customers in the Bay Area the beautiful designer doors to enhance your life and home. As a HomeStory authorized dealer of Silicon Valley, we are backed by the team of dedicated technology experts and door manufacturing professionals working together to provide our customers with the high-quality custom door products. That's why our door replacement process is very different than the method of traditional contractors. To replace your old doors, we don't require days (or weeks) of messy intrusion in your home. With our exclusive technology, we are able to offer absolutely stunning new doors, which are affordable and installed throughout your home quickly with no construction and no mess. By using the latest digital door measuring technology to measure a home's existing door frames, we can take extremely accurate 3-D measurements of each door opening. These measurements are then digitally streamed directly to HomeStory's state-of-the-art production facility where computer numerical  machines (CNC) custom-cut each door to match the exact dimensions of its specific opening. Doors are then prepped, primed, and factory painted using high-quality, durable commercial-grade paint. 


Here's how it works in a few easy steps:


Browse Our Online Door Gallery  & Book Your In-Home Estimate Appointment


Browse through our product links or request our online catalog to see our latest door styles and hardware then pick your favorite options for your home. We offer a complimentary in-home estimate for every project. Our door expert will come to your home and assist you further with your design options and give you an on-site door evaluation & estimate quote.



Once your door order is finalized, we use our 3-D measuring system to precisely measure each one of your door frames. This allows us to create doors that are most accurate and closest fit to the existing openings. 



Factory Painting & Drying Processes



Easy Installations Perform by DoorPros

Our highly qualified & experienced door installers will then install all your new doors in the matter of a few hours and clean up after ourselves.

We will even haul away your old doors for you for a no additional cost.